4th European Joint Theoretical/Experimental Meeting on Membranes

Dear biomembrane enthusiasts!

The local organizers invite you cordially to take a pleasure of participating in the 4th continuation of the European Joint Theoretical/Experimental Meetings on Membranes. The meeting is scheduled to take place at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University in Bratislava from September 7, 2016.

The EJTEMM aim on promoting networking between experimental and theoretical groups working in the field of biological membranes, their composition and interactions with proteins and small molecules such as drugs. The discussions cover a wide range from theoretical investigations to real world applications, e.g. in the pharmaceutical and medical area. Previous EJTEMM symposia were organized in Limoges (2013, Patrick Trouillas), Olomouc (2014, Michal Otyepka), and Stockholm (2015, Stefan Knippenberg), and we are looking forward to making the story to continue successfully.

Please, remember not to delay your registration, as the number of spots for oral presentation will be limited. Poster presentations will also be arranged at the conference site and could be requested during the registration. The conference proceedings will be published in the European Pharmaceutical Journal , an open access peer-reviewed journal published by de Gruyter.

Important dates:

April 1 - June 16: registration and abstract submission

September 7 - 9: the meeting

September 30: proceedings submission deadline


The meeting will be held at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Comenius University in Bratislava, the oldest and largest university in Slovakia founded on June 27, 1919. The Comenius University holds the position of national university and it ranks within the best 500 universities in the world. The University comprises of 13 faculties, with more than 27,000 students at undergraduate and postgraduate studies. Around 2,000 are international students from over 80 countries worldwide. The Comenius University is an outstanding scientific institution which is active in extraordinary research, working on hundreds of national and international science projects.

The Faculty of Pharmacy itself was founded in 1952. It has a reputable tradition, being the first pharmacy faculty in Slovakia, and is a highly respected educational and research institution in the whole European academic field. The high quality of teaching has attracted the best students from Slovakia and abroad, being one of the five most popular faculties of the Comenius University. The Faculty of Pharmacy has always been active in international collaborations. The Faculty offers an English Master in Science Pharmacy program with lecturing, laboratory practices, practical classes and research, and international universities exchange programs. The number of overseas students grows, forming a network for multi-cultural international studies.

Address: Odbojarov 10, 832 32 Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Please click here for a plan of the neighborhood.

Transport and Accommodation

Bratislava, sitting in the center of Europe, has a good connection to all the major transportations, including highways, bus-lines, railways, riverboats, and airplanes. Nevertheless, Vienna airport is often a cheaper alternative to international flights, while only 50km apart. It has a regular bus-line to Bratislava. There is a public transport system making any part of town accessible, though the conference venue will not extent beyond walking distance limits.

How to get to us:

- from Vienna airport to the main bus station

please use regular bus-lines to Bratislava. Bus stop: Bratislava, AS Mlynské Nivy ("Autobusová stanica") - main bus station Mlynské Nivy. Here and Here

- from the main bus station Mlynské Nivy

trolleybus number 205 (bus stop "Zimný štadión")

- from the main train station

bus number 61 (bus stop "Zimný štadión") or tram number 2 (tram stop "Odbojárov")

- from Bratislava airport

bus number 61 (bus stop "Zimný štadión")

- by car from E58

take exit 14 to Vajnory and follow ‘Vajnorska’ road for ~7km (12 min) until turning left into a small street ‘Odbojarov’

- by car from E65

take exit ‘Centrum/Patronka’ and follow route 572 (‘Lamacska cesta’, ‘Prazska’, ‘Sancova’, ‘Vajnorska’) ~6.5km (11 min) until turning right into a small street ‘Odbojarov’

Several hotels found nearby the conference site offer the reduced prices to the EJTEMM participants. The participants are asked to arrange their accommodation individually, while should not hesitate to contact the organizers for assistance.

Hotel Set

Located 270 m from the Faculty of Pharmacy proposes 15 rooms at EUR 61-63, including breakfast (promotion code: EJTEMM2016).

Hotel Turist

Basic tourist hotel located 650 m from the meeting site. The EJTEMM participants are offered rates EUR 27-41, including breakfast (put EJTEMM2016 promo code in comments).

Hotel Nivy

Economy class hotel with wellness center located 700 m from the conference site. Price for EJTEMM participants is EUR 42-47, including breakfast (reservations through the organizers).

Hotel Junior

Selected for hosting the conference banquet, hotel is situated in the picturesque surroundings of lake Strkovec and distant only 1200 m. Price for EJTEMM participants is EUR 40-74, including breakfast (e-mail your reservations with EJTEMM2016 promo code to recepcia@juniorhotel.sk).

Keynote Speakers

Mechanical and structural properties of lipid bilayers

prof. John F. Nagle

Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

An experimentalist and researcher focusing on x-ray scattering, as well as theoretical modeling, statistical mechanical calculations and simulations, and volume measurements with a long-range goal to understand how the molecular interactions bring about the structure and the fluctuations.

EBSA supported talk

Profiles of the oxygen diffusion-concentration product across lipid bilayers: computer simulation vs. experiment

prof. Marta Pasenkiewicz-Gierula

Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland

A computational biophysicist conducting atomic level molecular dynamics simulations on computer models of membrane systems with her objective to reveal basic biophysical mechanisms responsible for the functioning of cell membranes.

EBSA supported talk

Models of the skin lipid barrier – from complexity to simplicity and back

prof. Kateřina Vávrová

Charles University in Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

A medical chemist investigating the skin barrier lipids and transdermal drug delivery with long-term aim to study the structure-activity relationships of skin ceramides for the design criteria and development of ceramide analogs for a potential use in skin disease treatment.

Additives (Urea and TMAO) on POPE and POPC membranes

Dr. Sergio S. Funari

Hasylab @DESY in Hamburg, Germany

A Small and Wide Angle X-ray Scattering instrument scientist with his own interests in the research of lipid model membranes, surfactants, and protein crystallization.

EBSA supported student talk

SLipids force field: further extension and validation for polyunsaturated phospholipids

Inna Ermilova

Stockholm University, Sweden

A PhD student utilizing advanced computer simulations methods for biomolecular and soft matter modeling in the group of prof. Lyubartsev where she works on the development of Slipids Force Field.

EBSA supported student talk

Your Name Here

The organizing committee encourages the student participants to enter a competition for EBSA supported student talk. The winner will receive a certificate and full refund of transportation and accommodation expenses.

Scientific Program and Contributions

The conference will open on Wednesday, September 7 at noon and will close on Friday, September 9 afternoon. The two days will be filled with talks delivered by highly recognized experts in their fields of experimental and theoretical investigations of membranes. Five slots are foreseen for keynote speakers and bursaries presenting 30 minute speeches, while about twenty slots of 20 minute talks will be given to other contributing speakers. The oral presentations will be selected to cover a wide range of studies in the field of membrane biophysics, with the aim of 50:50 ratio of theoretical and experimental works.

The participants are welcome to register also for poster presentations. The poster stands will be available during the entire meeting. The preferred poster size is A0 (841x1189 mmxmm).

The contributors are encouraged to submit conference proceedings in a form of extended abstracts, original papers or short reviews to be published in the European Pharmaceutical Journal, an open access peer-reviewed journal indexed in EBSCOhost, SCOPUS, Chemical Abstracts - Sci Finder, the Summon TM Service, etc. Please follow "Instruction for authors" available on the Journal web page during the manuscript preparation and submit via online submission. Please note "EJTEMM conference proceeding" in Letter to the editor. The conference editor will be happy to provide you any assistance.

Social Program:

The scientific program will be complemented with a welcome mixer providing opportunities for social interactions on the first day, and a conference dinner on the second day.

Registration and Payment Information

We invite you to complete the registration in three easy steps:

1.) Please, fill out the registration form and send it by e-mail to EJTEMM2016@fpharm.uniba.sk.

2.) Send us a title and short abstract of your contribution according to our template.

3.) Issue a payment by bank transfer following the information below. A limited amount of special arrangements may be requested from the organizers. The organizers will issue the registration confirmation and payment invoice upon successful and complete process.

The conference fee is EUR 130 and covers the abstract book and conference proceedings publication. The welcome mixer, two lunches, coffee breaks and the conference dinner on Thursday 8/9/2016 are also included in the registration fee.

Transportation and accommodation is generally not included, while participants are asked to make their own arrangements. We encourage participants not to postpone their reservations as the local hotels are expected to get busy at the time of conference.

Please remember to include variable symbol (07092016) as well as provide the participant’s name in “Information for beneficiary” (or “Purpose of payment”) to help us to identify your payment.

Bank Account Holder: Farmaceuticka fakulta UK v Bratislave
Bank Address: Radlinskeho 32, 810 05 Bratislava
IBAN Number: SK84 8180 0000 0070 0008 3012
Variable symbol: 07092016


The organizers reserve the right to return the registration fees in a limited number of special cases only. Please, contact the organizers as soon as you learn about the need for cancellation. There will be no returns after August 1, though.

Please check the cancellation policies at your hotel before canceling your accommodation arrangements.


Local Organizers

Norbert Kučerka - co-chair
Daniela Uhríková - co-chair
Mária Klacsová - editor
Jana Gallová - treasurer
Tomáš Kondela - web administrator
Gilda Liskayová - assistant

Advisory Board

Patrick Trouillas -Limoges
Michal Otyepka – Olomouc
Stefan Knippenberg - Stockholm
Alexander Lyubartsev - Stockholm
Burkhard Bechinger - Strasbourg
Agnès Girard-Egrot - Lyon
Martin Hof - Prague

Please, feel free to drop us a line or two: EJTEMM2016@fpharm.uniba.sk

We acknowledge gratefully support and funding received!